Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A classic Trend

No matter how many years go by there is always one fall trend that never seems to die down,its only seasonal alteration is whether it'll last the winter months after the fall is done with. This trend is the dark fall lips. They should be labeled as a classic - if they aren't already.This edition of Vogue from last year or the year before  could easily pass for the next years coming. There's something elegant about this look, and despite your skin tone it just always seems to look magestic. Porceline skin or chocolate , either way its a faboulous addition to your autumn attire. Aside from this reacurring fashion trend we must ask ourselves, is this repetitively boring, are we running out of ideas and keeping it safe with classics? Or are we just keeping in touch with the hand of time and our past? I guess it all depends on how you see it, wear it, percieve it and judge it.  

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